I go by “Q” for both the Star Trek and the James Bond references. First, by being a Trekkie and my brother’s calling me “Q”. Second, from my first job after college making testing gizmos to make testing technician’s jobs easier and tests more reliable.

Q Software Innovations, LLC was founded August 2011 with the goal to help my customers accomplish their goals, to put forth new ideas, and bring about the best solution to their needs.

I graduated from Utah State University in 2006 with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, I have a vast array of work place experience. From stress/strain analysis, composite material design, aerodynamics, space satellite systems, solid rocket propellant mechanical properties and aging studies to LabVIEW, VBA, SQL, FORTRAN application development. I am part Mechanical Engineer and part Computer Scientist.

I have been programming in LabVIEW since 2007 and have been certified with National Instruments as a Certified LabVIEW Architect and as a Alliance Partner. In 2018 I was made a LabVIEW Champion.


  • “QControl Toolkit”, LabVIEW Tools Network 2015


CLA-Americas Summit 2018

  • “Exploring the Depths of the VI Server” (Slides)
  • “Run Time Spell Checking Algorithm” (Slides)
  • “IDE Addons You Wish You Could Have”, (7x7) (Slides)
  • “Totally in G”, (7x7) (Slides)

CLA-Americas Summit 2019

  • “Encapsulating and Reusing your UI Code”
  • “UI/UX Considerations when there is No Keyboard or Mouse”
  • “GCentral: Removing Barriers to a Collaborative Community” with Chris Cilino
  • “Introduction to the LabVIEW Wiki”, (7x7)
  • “Help! I’m out of letters in Quick Drop!”, (7x7)
  • “Automating IDE Setup”, (7x7)

GLA Summit 2020

Other Events

  • “Seven Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About LabVIEW Scripting”, TOULUG 2017 (NI Forum|Slides)
  • “N weird tricks you’ll want to know when making LabVIEW addons! (and you won’t believe number M)”, CLD Summit Salt Lake City 2017 (NI Forum|Slides)
  • “Basics of Debugging LabVIEW”, WaFL User Group 2018 (NI Forum|Slides)


Pipe Dream

More About Q

I am an active presence on many of the community sites and forums. Here are some ways to find me.